Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fire the Grid (Remix)

First, let me tell you about the miracle...

I woke up.

And I received a revelation...

Everyone can wake up.

And what's more...

All the 'problems' in the world are due to being asleep, i.e. not knowing
who they are, truly as simply the dream of the Absolute.

However, the great revelation continued (it was a voice...I heard it in my
head as plainly as I hear you groaning right now). It said to me, "Aja, get
everyone to come together and we can create another miracle. Get everyone
to come together at a particular time and recognize who they are and the
entire world can wake up from the dream."

"WHEN?" I asked.

"Why, Right Now in This Moment!"

"Which moment?" I pleaded.

"This moment. What other moment is there, bozo?"

"But," I remonstrated, "aren't some moments more spiritual than others?"

"Yes, of course. This moment, Right Now, is (according to our incredible
celestial and cool calculations, and testified to by all the ancients and
the brotherhoods of light) approximately one gazillion and a half times
more spiritual and enlightening than any other moment there is. "

"And what should I tell them to do in this moment?"

"Tell them, and this is really important...really, really important... To
be who they are; to be happy; to be grateful; to let go of all their
worries; to dance; to sing; to laugh; to make love (especially with old,
fat spiritual teacher types); AND to know, really know, that all of this is
but a passing dream, and is just a sweet and wonderful cosmic joke. They
should recognize this NOW, in this moment, and every 'other' apparent
moment (which of course, is only this moment), and never stop. And should
they stop, then all hell will break loose, and they will be responsible for
the collapse of all civilizations and the fall of the angels from heaven.
(Nah! We're just kidding on that one.)

So, that's it. Cool revelation, huh?

And with only love in the heart of Being, and no offense truly meant to
anyone, I wish you a truly glorious, enlightened Moment, in the depths of
this amazing and infinite Right Now.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What the Heck is He Talking About Now?

Ooh! Ooh! I've done it again. I seem to have gotten myself in
trouble for telling the truth (well, at least my truth). Is there an
ultimate Truth? Only God knows. And I get the picture of God sitting
alone wondering whether he/she exists - "Most of the people I talk to
can't hear me or don't believe it's Me, and half of those who claim I
talk to them, I wouldn't give the time of day to. Hmmm?! I wonder if
I do exist?"

The last few days have been interesting. A wonderful friend wrote me
that to him, a friend is, "One with whom I can think out loud," in
other words, someone who is totally non-judgmental, totally
accepting, etc. In the last day, I have been accused of chewing on
rotting corpses, overly flirting, being too ordinary (for an
enlightened teacher), and on and on. I recently wrote about 'Being
As You Are", and I guess I'd have to say how fascinating it is to see
how delightfully the Universe responds: I Am as I Is, and the
universe says, "Can ya take it, buddy!?"

Being who you are is either the easiest thing in the world, or the
hardest. I'd prefer to make it the former. However, in order to do
that you have to let go of a lot, primarily caring what people think
of you. And how do you do that? Love. But not in the traditional
sense. Real love, as I have often pointed out, is perfect Self
intimacy. I am (and you are) the Absolute manifesting itself RIGHT
NOW, as you and as me. There is no doubt about that anywhere within
this Aja-ness. That is the nature of non-duality. Sarvam khalvidam
Brahma - "All this is the Absolute Only!" That means me, you, this,
that, all of it. God Godding! Waves on the Ocean, Sunbeams of the
Sun, gold bangles yet still just gold. I (as Aja-ness) recognize the
perfect, the pure, the Is-ness of That which I am, and that Aja-ness
is a manifestation of That. I LOVE IT. It might appear 'good' or
'bad' or whatever, and yet 'perfect' in its are
you and yours. So often people are trying to change. Change WHAT???
Change God? What you see is what you get, as the old adage goes. But
what is the reality behind that. If I tell you I love you, it's
because I love you. If I flirt with you, it's because I love you. If
I ignore you, it's actually because I love you. If I chastise you,
it's because I love you. And as importantly, I love ME.

Recently I heard about a satang teacher (yet another one) who had sex
with a student. People act as if this is amazing. Wake up people.
Humans have sex...constantly. What's particularly sad is that they
have to make up stories about it. "I had sex with the student because
she was having an issue." Maybe?! Probably not. They had sex because
ultimately they wanted to have sex. I love sex. It is a beautiful,
exquisite manifestation of the Divine. I'm an old fat guy, but if you
want to have sex with me, just ask my wife. She might punch you, or
more likely say, like the old comedic line, "Now, take my
husband........Please!" But people would much rather see (or
imagine) a spiritual teacher as being someone who only talks about
love & light and never says anything controversial. That's not
spiritual - that's ignorance. Or, they love the controversy, as long
as it's not pointed at them. Anything that shakes you up only shows
you what you hold onto. It is a great blessing.

So, what do you want? This always remains the most important question
for anyone. If you want love & light & fuzzy & warm, that's
wonderful. Look for that! Have that! Be that! But don't be in
illusion that that is necessarily the truth. There's the old story of
the person going to the train station and saying, "Give me a ticket."
The station master asks, "Okay, to where?" and the ticket buyer
responds, "Oh, I don't know, just anywhere." It doesn't work that
way. And yet, that's what people expect when they say they want
spiritual or truth or freedom or happiness. First, recognize what it
is that you want. The words Enlightenment or Awakened are loaded
words. A lot of beautiful and wonderful people are wandering around
touting enlightenment that wouldn't know it if it bit them on the
ass. I (Aja-ness) am not a warm and fuzzy teacher, although I
probably love you as much or more than anyone who has ever known you.
I (Aja-ness) is a fat, apparently grumpy, somewhat controversial old
fart who loves Truth, in all its manifestations, and will speak the
truth, be as I am, and will also tell you that if you want Truth,
drop every conception, deeply inquire into what IS true, who you are,
and recognize, Right Now, This is IT. In this infinite moment, all
boundaries, all ideas, all memories, all concepts, are just the mind,
and the mind is just an appearance of thoughts that are popping up
like birds in the infinite vastness of Space, and YOU, my sweet
friends, ARE that infinite space, that Awareness, that IS-ness.

Macrocosm/Microcosm ..... ONE THING ..... Impossible to get the mind
around, because the mind is one tiny thing arising in all of that
.... Here/There ..... Me/Not Me ..... Every boundary is an
illusion. What does that leave you? Where does that leave you?

God is back to wondering if He/She exists.
You do!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day ?!?

First, a major caveat: This is not about awakening in the traditional sense. In other words, it is not about exploring consciousness, recognizing who you are, in the Radical Enlightenment way. However, what we are about is Truth. More than anything, our life has been dedicated to the pursuit of what is Truth, what is real, and sometimes this incorporates what is part of the apparent dream.

Everything is part of the great Lila, the divine dance. To hide from any aspect is to hide from Truth. So, sometimes it is necessary to ask oneself - are you truly seeking Truth, in EVERY aspect, or are you seeking mollification and escapism? It's all an illusion, right! So whatever happens in the dream is only a dream. If you are sure of this, then truly let it all go and totally retreat into the pure essence of consciousness without stopping. However, if you are only seeking happiness (i.e. pleasure and pleasantries in the name of spirituality) then you are NOT seeking Truth. Truth comes in many forms, and we must be willing to look at all of them. What are we holding onto? What is happening in and around us? Never take anything at face value. Always go deeper.

And with that intro, I would suggest that one form of Truth, or at least something that at least deserves looking into is the following video:

I will forewarn you that if you do not want to learn about government conspiracies, religious conspiracies, media conspiracies, DO NOT watch this movie. However, I will recommend that only to those who are totally dedicated to living in a totally REAL spiritual lifestyle, with nothing to do with the phenomenal dreamworld. If you are not living in such a lifestyle, then be willing to break your own boundaries and at least look at the possibilities (powerfully documented) that there is a vast conspiracy going on behind your backs, and in front of your faces.

I know that many of you hate when I go into this mode. But the bottom line is tough shit! I'm just trying to help. Do you want to let go of all that you hold onto or not? You can't let go of what you do not know. You cannot transcend what you do not see.
So, in the spirit of true Independence....
Infinite love & Shanti,