Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is Really Going On!

"To think deeply in our culture is to grow angry and to anger others;
ad if you cannot tolerate this anger, you are wasting the time you
spend thinking deeply. One of the rewards of deep thought is the hot
glow of anger at discovering a wrong, but if anger is taboo, thought
will starve to death."
Jules Henry

I recently found the above quote in the book, Walking on Water by
Derrick Jensen. If you don't know about him, you should. There are a
number of Youtubes, and he has quite a few books out. The only one
I've read is the above, but I'm enjoying it. What is Derrick Jensen
about? The end of civilization. Me too! Not too long ago, a friend
said he looked down on the city and said to himself, "This isn't
going anywhere." But I disagree. See this link as proof:

The Link mentions how they burried a car 50 years ago and would go to
whoever could guess (back then) how many people would be living in
Tulsa in the present time. When they dug it up, the car, well sealed,
was a bucket of rust.

I've been receiving phone calls and emails (many of which I'm afraid
I have either ignored or not gotten around to answering) asking if
I'm okay, still alive, etc. The answer is yes, but I admittedly have
been rather reclusive for a number of reasons.

1. There is a lot happening at Barnashram that is very positive -
farming, community, family, food, HUMANITY. On the other hand, when I
leave Barnashram, I see only the semblance of humanity, the shreds
and what is left of what was left of humanity. People are in deep
illusion and prius's, yoga, and Obama are not going to fix
it. Reread the quote above. This could be my motto and vision
statement. Henry Ford once wrote that, "Thinking is one of the
hardest things there is to do which is why so few people do it." It
wasn't meant as a joke. Most people no longer know how to think. They
are fed every form of crap and told that it is normal, that it is
evolution, that it is fine, or just to love it. This is crap. You
should be angry at what is happening in the world. If you're not
angry, you are either in denial or just totally ignorant of the truth
of what is happening. The planet is dying. Humanity is dying. The
waters, airs, ground, ethers are all polluted by "Humankind".

Some 2,500 years ago, Plato wrote

"Is not the whole of human life turned upside down; and are we not
doing, as would appear, in everything the opposite of what we ought
to be doing?"

I was amazed to see this as the last thing in a book I recently read
by Marty Glass entitled Yuga. Surprisingly, as some of you know,
I've been saying for years that if you could create Utopia, turn it
180 degrees around, you'd have present day civilization. Plato saw
the same thing two millennia ago, and look how far we've digressed from then.

One of the things I like about Derrick Jensen is that is says... I'm
angry and I'm in despair, and I'm full of hate, but I also love life
and am full of joy, and happiness, and love. Too many people now
assume that to hate is to deny love and light. It's not an either/or
situation. Love & hate go together...Yin/Yang... Shiva/Shakti....It's
all one. The "spiritual" and the "material" are one vast thing. If
you watched as your lover or child or even your pet was cruelly
treated, starved, or raped, you'd scream bloody murder. This planet,
wisdom, intelligence, humility, simplicity, togetherness, family,
etc. are being continually beaten, strangled, raped, and yet no one
says a thing. Get ANGRY! Having lived through the 60's I can attest
to a statement I recently heard from (I believe it was) Naomi
Wolf) If what is happening now was happening 40 years ago, there
would be millions marching on Washington. Now no one does anything.

Admittedly, I am not doing much either, however, gradually, my
children are creating a wonderful place for us with food, shelter,
community and simplicity at Barnashram. They recognize the problem
and they are doing something about it, at least for themselves and
their loved ones. I also understand that these days, if you know
what's happening, it is scary to act. They don't just arrest you or
look down on you, it is totally conceivable that you can just
disappear - locked up and the key thrown away. These thing ARE happening.

I would encourage people to use this strange thing called the
Internet to really find out what is happening in the world. Find out
the truth about the so-called 2 party political system, economics,
who is truly running the world, and why a vote for anyone is
virtually worthless. Find out how many species a day are being
extinguished for us, for our oil, our corn for "bio-fuel" and mostly
for the 9 billion animals we kill annually in the US for "food".
Investigate how heartless we have become - and heartless is not
'being angry' but rather NOT being angry about the injustices and
inhumanness that is happening. Begin to really open your hearts and
FEEL the pain. Don't try to keep it out with 'yummy' things that make
you feel good.

Okay, my computer is about out of juice, so I gotta go. If you're
interested, email me, if not, feel free to take your name off the
list (I'm sure many of you will anyway - it's fine). But I ask you to
think about these things. Compassion and Empathy mean to FEEL these
things that are going on. Experience your emotions fully. They are
all good and instructive, and if you're not getting angry, let me
know why. Or perhaps you're angry at ME for writing this. That's a
good start. Why are you angry with me? Because I destroy your
illusions? I put a spot of darkness on your otherwise velvety white
cloak of love and light?

Well, I do love you, and that is why I write these things. The one
great thing about the internet is that it does allow us to
communicate. So let's do that.

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Believe it or not... With Infinite Love & Peace,