Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where are We and What's Going On?

I want to tell you a little story, or go down a little "What-if" journey....

We'll start by saying - What if you were born in a particular place and it is the same place that your parents and their parents and THEIR parents and...well you get the picture... where everybody was born. And what if this place was, oh, say a prison or a looney bin. But you wouldn't know it as you were born there, as were your parents and everyone else. In fact, there would be virtually no one you knew that could tell you what it truly was. Oh sure, occassionally some whack-job would say it was a prison or nut-house, but, we, of course, following the politically/spiritually/culturally correct dictums knew way better. This was OUR world and it was a great place and we would make it better and sweller in every way, and we would be happy (all evidence to the contrary put aside).

And so, we go about our lives, convinced by a few of the elders in this place, that we could, in fact, create a beautiful and happy reality here.

All right, let's look at it in another way. Imagine a regular prison or mental institute. Within that facility, the people are going to do everything they can to make it a wonderful place to be. They may even be able to fill it with love and beauty, treating others with compassion, and in every way it could be a virtual paradise based on their own way of being there and how they are treated and treat others. But ITS STILL A PRISON. As wonderful as you make it, it remains, at best a gilded cage.

The difficulty is that people are not really willing to face the fact that they are in place designated for them by their level of consciousness, and the reality here is that the phenomenal world is based on those who want to be separate from the Absolute. It is the premise of this place, and that the idea is to find "Mukti" or freedom - freedom from the very constructs which bind them into it. Now, within a prison, you might TRY to play nice, and pretend to be outside the prison, but only very specific changes in being and regulatory guidelines will actually get you out of the prison (or looney bin). You CAN'T fake it.

Everyone here....EVERYONE... all the teachers and spiritual personalities and political leaders and new age guides... they are all directed by these guidelines to some extent or another. Some are aware of it. Most are not. They teach because it makes them money, or makes them more powerful within the framework that is there, and in part from compassion. At any given time, there may be 1 or 2 truly free individuals, lots of well meaning ones, and a huge amount of phonies. I'm not trying to be negative here. Only Truthful.

Where are we? What it would it look like to TRULY be free in every conceivable way. What is your feeling about death, for instance? Most people are afraid of death, because they truly are attached to this apparent reality. But it's like someone who is afraid to wake up because they are attached to their dream. This world is simply another dream. There are infinite dreams, one within another within another in an Infinity of Potentiality. But we are so attached to this dream that we are unsure and afraid of any other. We can't imagine someone actually wanting to get OUT of this dream. (Don't worry, I'm not doing anything weird... I'm just saying, to me, it's just a room and I'm looking forward to seeing what's outside of it.)

But without some kind of inquiry into what You are, who You are, and what the Universe truly is, you remain locked, not only in the room itself, but the concepts about the room. And inquiry doesn't mean learning mentally about the various new age or spiritual ideas about what's going on, but literally exploring it yourself. Most people want to hold onto cool spiritual ideas AND continue to live in their normal way. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. This is why when you see those who are truly saintly, truly mystical, rarely do their lifestyles look anything like yours. Most of them you probably have never even heard about. Yes, they still live in caves or forests as far from this so called civilization as possible.

Now, I will grant that there are a lot of positive, apparently evolutionary changes taking place in the world, and more people seem to be waking up (mentally) to the illusions, but that's still a far cry from being the living, breathing embodiment of Truth. Just to be clear, I do not claim to be either. However, I have spent more than 30 years exploring it intensely, and have been blessed with much grace. But it is a willingness to possibly look at things that you may not want to look at; to let go of things you may not want to let go of; to investigate things in a different way. Many of these things may go against those cultural and spiritual and political correctnesses. Fuck Em! What's important to you? Truth or looking good? Truth or comfort? Truth or fitting in? Truth or LIFE?