Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Be As You Are

Many people are familiar with the phrase "Be as you are," and many
are also familiar with the book of the same name by David Godman,
about the teachings of Ramana Maharshi. But how many are really
familiar with what it is to Be As You Are?

What I'd like you to do for a moment is really explore and
investigate the 'feeling' that accompanies being as you are. Right
now, be as you are! Now a question might come up of what does this
mean, or how do I do that. The real question is how do you NOT do
that? How can you not be as you are? Primarily by trying to be
something that you're not.

I ran into a wonderful quote the other day. It's from the Hasidic
tradition featuring Rabbi Zusya. The quote has Rabbi Zusya saying,

"When I reach the next world, God will not ask me, 'Why were you not
Moses?' Instead, he will ask me, 'Why were you not Zusya?'"

This is exactly the problem. Everyone is trying to be a Buddha or a
Jesus or an anything other than that which they already are. YOU are
it. YOU are God or the Divine, or the Absolute, or Brahman
manifesting as you. How could you possibly want to be a something else???

So try plugging your own name and your favorite Deity in here:

"When I reach the next world, God will not ask me, 'Why were you not
[Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc]?' Instead, he will ask me, 'Why
were you not [insert your name here]?'"

The statement is BE as you are.....not BECOME something else.

The statement is be AS you are....exactly as you are, not some other way.

The statement is be as YOU are...not as somebody else is...not as
Jesus is or Yogananda, or Ammachi, or...but as YOU, YOU, YOU.

The statement is be as you ARE...not one iota different...not bigger
or more spiritual or less of anything. Exactly as you ARE.

Did the Creator do everything else right and then when He/She/It got
to you made a big "OOOPS!"

This is why Ramana's statement is Abide as who you are. And if you
can't do that, inquire into who you are, and then abide as that.

Nisargadatta says, Rest as the "I AM", in other words 'Be as you are'.

There is not two somethings which are material and spiritual which
are separate realms. There is one thing which is Arising from AND as
the Absolute. It is YOU right now. It is JUST THIS! All of this.

The Vedic mantra proclaims: om purnam adah purnam idam, purnat purnam
udacyate....From the Perfect & Complete Absolute arose the Perfect &
Complete!!! Recognize that. There is NOTHING WRONG.

A few years back a profound movie came out, I Heart Huckabees. If you
haven't seen it, see it. And note in there that there is a phrase
that they start repeating. In fact, if you watch all the way through
the final credits until the very end, it pops up as the very final
thing all by itself. The phrase is:


Consider this. How are you not You already. Where are you not You
already? When are you not You already?

It's all you...Always and Already, so....


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is There an Out There Out There

"Is there an out there, out there? I don't recall where I first heard this
phrase, but it re-arose in consciousness the other day. I like I because it
really begins a process of self inquiry. People - most people - take it
pretty much for granted that there IS an out there out there - that what
they perceive is certainly real and concrete. But as both the mystics from
nearly all variety of traditions, and many of the modern day quantum
theorists and scientists are telling us is that there is no out there.

Of course, this begs the question, if there is no out there out there, then
what is there? Or what is here? Or even what is? The traditional response
is to start spewing out mentally or intellectually conceptions based on
what you have heard. But what if you take a different approach? What if you
begin to directly explore what is present, right now? Where do you begin?

The best place to begin is with the idea of who or what is it that is
assuming that there is an out there, i.e. To whom is the idea of an out
there arising? Of course, the simple initial answer is 'To me.' The next
question (of course) is what is that 'me'? As you investigate, you will
recognize that the 'me' is simply awareness. Now, can you find a boundary
between the awareness that is 'me' and the so called 'object' that the me
is aware of?

Now, continue to explore this in a variety ofways, investigating what is
this me, where does it start or stop (if it does), when did it begin? And
so forth. Continue this constantly. Keep going deeper and deeper into it.
Don't let any concepts or pre-conceived beliefs stop you - just keep
digging, lettng go of whatever arises as any kind of concept or boundary.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to email me. (see the
Email link to the left, right, down below, or wherever the hell it is) and
have fun!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stop (again) and Be Presence

Stop and Be Presence!

Being Presence is being Pre-Sense...before the senses

Being Presence is Being the Self, the Awareness

Being Presence is Abiding as the Self

Being Presence is Resting in (and as) the Infinite

Being Presence is the eradication of the false self

Being Presence is the Gateway to the Absolute

Being Presence Awareness of Awareness

Being Presence is not....

Discussing how to do it,
Arguing over who does it better,
Philosophizing on why it is important,
Checking out which teacher says it better,
Wondering if it's the right path for you,
Deciding on how it will look when you get there,
Even trying to figure out HOW to do it...

It's simply Stopping and Being Presence,
And when you've noticed you're not being presence
Stopping (again) and Being Presence
And when a thought comes up
Stopping (again) and Being Presence

Ignoring the thousands and millions of strategies the ego has for
catching your attention
and bringing your attention back to attention
Bringing your consciousness back to consciousness
Bringing your Awareness back to Awareness
and YES
Stopping and Being Presence.

When you have done this continuously for some days, weeks, months or years,
You'll begin to get the picture.

So, now, in this moment....

Stop and BE Presence!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Forget All!

Often the path must be paradoxical by nature, apparently
contradicting itself in order to point out the truth. The following
is a perfect example of that. It is a quote from the Ashtavakra
Samhita (or Gita)

'My son, you may recite or listen to countless scriptures, but you
will not be established within until you can FORGET EVERYTHING.' 16.1

So, how would you know this unless you read the scripture (Ashtavakra
Samhita) which tells you not to read scripture? Actually, it doesn't
tell you not to read scripture, but rather forget all. Often, reading
scripture (or other spiritually oriented matter) becomes a pastime to
escape the Reality. After all, the scripture is still in the dream
world. Who is reading it? Who is contemplating it? This was Ramana's
constant question. A large percentage of the time when a question
was asked of him, he pointed the questioner back to them-Selves by
posing, "Who is asking the question?" The moment you recognize the I
Am or I-I of the questioner, the question becomes superfluous. The
scripture acts in the same way. In effect, it immediately says, 'Stop
what you are doing and look within, reverse the vector of attention
to that which is Aware, which is Awareness Itself. Forget everything
you think you know and look at the knower.'

A few verses later, the Ashtavakra reiterates in a different way:

'If even Shiva, Vishnu or the lotus-born Brahma were your instructor,
until you have FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING you cannot be established within.' 16.11

It doesn't matter who the teacher is, what the teaching is, where it
comes from, the lineage, or anything else...forget all!

At the end of the most well-known Gita (Bhagavad Gita), Krishna gives
his final instruction: 'Abandon all varieties of dharma and go to the
shelter of Me alone.' 18.66

The word dharma, traditionally thought of as religious truth, comes
from the Sanskrit root 'dhr' to hold or grasp, so in essence Krisna
is saying the same thing - forget everything and simply take refuge
in Me (or the I Am).

How does one do this? By inquiring into the 'I'. Who am I? What am
I? What is this I-ness? Who is Aware? What is Aware? Where is it
located?.....whatever points you to the recognition or REAL-I-zation
of Self as infinite Awareness. Whenever a question or thought comes
up, IMMEDIATELY return back to the 'Who is aware of it?' All else
will pull you off into all variety of spiritual, philosophical,
ontological and hoary questions which ultimately can never be
answered by the mind anyway. And as the Ashtavakra also says:

'What man is there who, having observed the diversity of opinions
among the great seers, saints, and yogis, and becoming completely
indifferent to learning, does not attain quietude?' 9.5

Every teacher, every teaching, has a slightly different 'take' on the
process. Yes, they all point, ultimately, to the same thing, but some
more directly than others; some more clearly than others; and some
may get past your filters better than others. But the moment you
start questioning the whys and wherefors, you're off in the tangle of
mental conceptions and ideas. Who are these arising to? Remember,
Self REAL-I-zation is about nothing other than the recognition of
Self, recognizing What you have eternally been. That requires no
understanding other than the recognition of that and abiding as that
(NOT the intellectual understanding of that).

So, now that you've read this.....FORGET IT! And Abide as the SELF.