Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is There an Out There Out There

"Is there an out there, out there? I don't recall where I first heard this
phrase, but it re-arose in consciousness the other day. I like I because it
really begins a process of self inquiry. People - most people - take it
pretty much for granted that there IS an out there out there - that what
they perceive is certainly real and concrete. But as both the mystics from
nearly all variety of traditions, and many of the modern day quantum
theorists and scientists are telling us is that there is no out there.

Of course, this begs the question, if there is no out there out there, then
what is there? Or what is here? Or even what is? The traditional response
is to start spewing out mentally or intellectually conceptions based on
what you have heard. But what if you take a different approach? What if you
begin to directly explore what is present, right now? Where do you begin?

The best place to begin is with the idea of who or what is it that is
assuming that there is an out there, i.e. To whom is the idea of an out
there arising? Of course, the simple initial answer is 'To me.' The next
question (of course) is what is that 'me'? As you investigate, you will
recognize that the 'me' is simply awareness. Now, can you find a boundary
between the awareness that is 'me' and the so called 'object' that the me
is aware of?

Now, continue to explore this in a variety ofways, investigating what is
this me, where does it start or stop (if it does), when did it begin? And
so forth. Continue this constantly. Keep going deeper and deeper into it.
Don't let any concepts or pre-conceived beliefs stop you - just keep
digging, lettng go of whatever arises as any kind of concept or boundary.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to email me. (see the
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have fun!