Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Be As You Are

Many people are familiar with the phrase "Be as you are," and many
are also familiar with the book of the same name by David Godman,
about the teachings of Ramana Maharshi. But how many are really
familiar with what it is to Be As You Are?

What I'd like you to do for a moment is really explore and
investigate the 'feeling' that accompanies being as you are. Right
now, be as you are! Now a question might come up of what does this
mean, or how do I do that. The real question is how do you NOT do
that? How can you not be as you are? Primarily by trying to be
something that you're not.

I ran into a wonderful quote the other day. It's from the Hasidic
tradition featuring Rabbi Zusya. The quote has Rabbi Zusya saying,

"When I reach the next world, God will not ask me, 'Why were you not
Moses?' Instead, he will ask me, 'Why were you not Zusya?'"

This is exactly the problem. Everyone is trying to be a Buddha or a
Jesus or an anything other than that which they already are. YOU are
it. YOU are God or the Divine, or the Absolute, or Brahman
manifesting as you. How could you possibly want to be a something else???

So try plugging your own name and your favorite Deity in here:

"When I reach the next world, God will not ask me, 'Why were you not
[Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc]?' Instead, he will ask me, 'Why
were you not [insert your name here]?'"

The statement is BE as you are.....not BECOME something else.

The statement is be AS you are....exactly as you are, not some other way.

The statement is be as YOU are...not as somebody else is...not as
Jesus is or Yogananda, or Ammachi, or...but as YOU, YOU, YOU.

The statement is be as you ARE...not one iota different...not bigger
or more spiritual or less of anything. Exactly as you ARE.

Did the Creator do everything else right and then when He/She/It got
to you made a big "OOOPS!"

This is why Ramana's statement is Abide as who you are. And if you
can't do that, inquire into who you are, and then abide as that.

Nisargadatta says, Rest as the "I AM", in other words 'Be as you are'.

There is not two somethings which are material and spiritual which
are separate realms. There is one thing which is Arising from AND as
the Absolute. It is YOU right now. It is JUST THIS! All of this.

The Vedic mantra proclaims: om purnam adah purnam idam, purnat purnam
udacyate....From the Perfect & Complete Absolute arose the Perfect &
Complete!!! Recognize that. There is NOTHING WRONG.

A few years back a profound movie came out, I Heart Huckabees. If you
haven't seen it, see it. And note in there that there is a phrase
that they start repeating. In fact, if you watch all the way through
the final credits until the very end, it pops up as the very final
thing all by itself. The phrase is:


Consider this. How are you not You already. Where are you not You
already? When are you not You already?

It's all you...Always and Already, so....