Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stop (again) and Be Presence

Stop and Be Presence!

Being Presence is being Pre-Sense...before the senses

Being Presence is Being the Self, the Awareness

Being Presence is Abiding as the Self

Being Presence is Resting in (and as) the Infinite

Being Presence is the eradication of the false self

Being Presence is the Gateway to the Absolute

Being Presence Awareness of Awareness

Being Presence is not....

Discussing how to do it,
Arguing over who does it better,
Philosophizing on why it is important,
Checking out which teacher says it better,
Wondering if it's the right path for you,
Deciding on how it will look when you get there,
Even trying to figure out HOW to do it...

It's simply Stopping and Being Presence,
And when you've noticed you're not being presence
Stopping (again) and Being Presence
And when a thought comes up
Stopping (again) and Being Presence

Ignoring the thousands and millions of strategies the ego has for
catching your attention
and bringing your attention back to attention
Bringing your consciousness back to consciousness
Bringing your Awareness back to Awareness
and YES
Stopping and Being Presence.

When you have done this continuously for some days, weeks, months or years,
You'll begin to get the picture.

So, now, in this moment....

Stop and BE Presence!