Saturday, March 31, 2007

Two Cool Links

I know I'm not always big on links and such, but I ran into these two
and loved them both:

The first is funny, but exceptionally true. For those of you who are
apparently in my age bracket (or thereabouts) you remember when the
"News" meant something. I confess that I first saw this link on
Leno, who played this cartoon from JibJab, the makers of such comic
satirical hits as "This Land". It's called, "What We Call The News"
and the link is

It is a hysterical yet sadly true commentary on what we call
important news. Anyway, just something to enjoy!

The second video is at the website:

is itself called Becoming Me, based on the children's book of the
same name. It is a brief description of the author's idea of how all
"This" came to be manifested, but reflects what most philosophies
(and mystics) consider to be a 'True' understanding. But in any
case, it's very sweet and touching.

Both of these videos can be downloaded. The jibjab ones, you need to
join, but they are free. The Becoming Me video costs a couple of dollars.

Enjoy the Lila!