Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good vs. Bad - the Never Ending Story

The other day, my brother in law, who is not philosophical by nature, sent
my mind into an interesting story. He had come out to replace our toilet
(in exchange for which my wife will sew him a new vest - his wifecan't sew,
I don't do toilets). At one point he was taking a short break and was on
the phone with a friend who had obviously said something to the effect that
they were "Dealing with shit," to which my brother in law wisely replied,
"That doesn't do any good, there's always more shit!"

Indeed, I thought, there IS always more shit, and yet this is what all the
world is trying to do - deal with their shit, as if, at some point there
won't be any more. How ludicrous! There will ALWAYS be more shit. The end
of shit is the end of the game, and there is no end of the game. The end of
the game is called dying...and then you get another life, and try again. At
least, that's the way it works in the games. Your character dies, and then
you try again, usually doing the same exact thing you were doing last time
you died.

One of the benefits of our modern technological age is it is a microcosm of
the 'real' world. The game world shows us how the 'real' world works. You
die. You try again. And again. And again. The difference is that this game
never ends. This is one of the reasons I think there is no end of the world
scenario - good OR bad.

There seem to be essentially two groups of people - those awaiting the
apocalypse and those awaiting the ascension (either in one form or another
- depending on their ideas of what that looks like - religious, ecological,
or otherwise. But it ain't gonna happen. It can't. It makes good blogs and
talk radio, but the reality is that the game ALWAYS goes on.

"But look at all the changes," people may cry. Yes, there are changes, but
there have always been changes. Perhaps they are going faster now, but just
like in the game, just because you finish a level doesn't mean the game is
over, you just finished that level. And guess what? By the time you finish
the game, the 'Creator' comes out with new disks with more levels, which of
course you have to buy (or maybe switch to another game). But it is never
over. And there is ALWAYS more shit to deal with. So deal with it, but
then, consider, is it really shit? To whom is it occurring? Is it real, or
simply an ongoing game within which you are simply one of the characters?
There is no ultimate happy or cataclysmic ending. Yes, your character (and
every character you know) will die, but that's how it has been since time
immemorial. Why, oh good God, why, should anything change now??? It's just
another level is all, like every day is a new day. Same dream, different
scenario. Get used to it. Or, recognize the dream for what it is, which
means all that shit.... Doesn't mean shit.