Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Popcorn or Samosa

Okay... Amar at the Indian store convinced me to take two samosas instead
of one. So, you might consider this a guilt blog. If you don't know what a
samosa is, you are missing one of the great Indian culinary delights,
particularly if it is made well. Deep fried, vegetable savory...well
spiced, just plain yummy. So, how is it that in the dream we are concerned
with such things as culinary delights? Why not?

So, I have a question for you: when you wake up in the morning, where does
your dream go? Where does the dream you go? You recognize that it was just
a dream and that it had no depth, no substance to it. Similarly, when you
wake up from the waking dream, you recognize that it too has no substance
to it. However, that doesn't change it. It doesn't necessarily go
away...only the experiencer as a separate, localized and independent
dreamer as seen as part of the dream scape. The you that disappears in the
sleeping dream when you wake up in the morning, is no less substantial than
the you that disappears when you wake up from the waking dream, only in
that case there still appears the dream body thing that you previously
associated as being you. The script of your life continues but with the
clarity that it is simply that- a dream, a dance, a movie, in which the you
that you previously identified with is simply one of the many characters.

Most people assume that 'they' will attain a thing called enlightenment,
but that isn't how it works. The illusion that you are an independent
entity is recognized, the Reality that there is only Consciousness
happening as One Great Thing, and the script continues. Other than that,
things in the dream may or may not change. The you that you previously
identified with will more than likely be pretty much the same, however, you
as Presence will not be feeding it with attachment and emotions. It will
simply continue, spontaneously, in its dance as it always did!

Don't look to get anything. Look to get rid of everything, and then you ARE
everything, or No Thing. I know. Hard to grok with the mind, but it is the
mind, the habit of seeing things in a particular way that get in the way.
Let it all go. Or as I like to say... Stop and Be Presence. Just stop.
Don't try to stop the doing, for you never have been doing. Stop the
association with the doing. Watch that you have ever (as I Am) been
watching/being it all, not doing it. The script continues until the end of
the movie. Just eat your popcorn (or samosas) and enjoy the show.