Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nothing to Know

In the sixth part of the Yoga Vasistha it says:

"The belief in a knower and the known is called bondage. The knower is
bound by the known; he is liberated when there is nothing to know."

This is so contrary to most people's way of being that it's hard for most
to even get a hint at this, primarily because everyone is anxiously
awaiting the point where 'they' will be a 'knower' of the Absolute; 'They'
will have achieved enlightenment. Once more, dear friends, it doesn't work
that way. For a moment, just stop. In that moment, is there anyone to know
anything? Is there anything to know? In the silence between thoughts - no!
However, a half moment later a thought will probably arise saying,
something like, "Cool" or "But I was there knowing I was not a knower", or
some other such evaluatory statement. (Is evaluatory a word?)

Where there is no thought, that is where there is no knower or known. That
occurs through letting go of all thoughts, and/or the committed inquiry
into what is the knower. The knower (I-ness) also arises in the sea of
consciousness, but it to is simply an imposition. It is formed in large
part by the ideas or beliefs that form an idea of a knower. This is why so
often the quest for wisdom is antithetical to true wisdom. You are trying
to know MORE when the idea is to know LESS, and even more so, to recognize
there is nothing to know.

This moment is simply happening; it's not happening TO somebody. A
'somebody' appears to be arising in this moment, but it is just

So, what is so damn important to know (or do or see or achieve)? Be the
bliss of non-knowing!