Friday, September 12, 2008

More on the Box Game

Greetings once again...

In the last blog (which you should read before this one) we talked about the Box Game. YOU (consciousness) enters into the 'Box', also known as 'you' (the body, mind, memories, concepts, etc.), which it then identifies with. However, strictly on the material level, it continues even further - just to give you a clue of how little you probably understand of who or what you are.

So it looks like this (sort of)

YOU - the Absolute
you (Box) - the person-hood, per-sona, actor, fiction within the material world
and the new one (note the quotes)

This last entity "you" neither YOU nor you are probably even aware of. "You" is the corporate entity that is functioning within the governmental society. It is the one which has a social security number, a drivers license, votes, makes $$$, pays taxes, etc. You can generally tell when 'you' receives mail because instead of being addressed to Joe P. Citizen, it will be addressed to JOE P. CITIZEN (all caps).

Now, I'm not presenting this just to give you an idea of the government conspiracies (although you would certainly be wise to explore that as well), but because it may give you a clue as to how you can think you are one thing when you are entirely something else. The "you" is a part of the corporate entity. In fact, it is a franchise the larger corporate entity. It is a Strawman, a phony, a fraud. It has been created through various laws and statutes as a corporate front for you (which is a material front for YOU). This is why many people recognize (and there are millions of them in the u.S.A. which now recognize you do NOT need to pay taxes, have a drivers license, etc., and also why your vote for president is ABSOLUTELY meaningless. - (They decide who is elected, not the so-called 'people'.) It was created through various amendments to the constitution, way back when, the 13th, 14th, and 15th, as I recall. These essentially take away your constitutional Rights (Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness), and give the strawman privleges which mimic their Sovereign Rights.

Okay, okay, I know, too much, and way too depressing. It's way too much fun to talk about Obama, and Palin, and all and how we are going to end the War and all of that. "You" have no control over that, just as you have no control over most of the things you think you have control over. (All these you's are a bit confusing huh?)


YOU - The Sovereign Spiritual Self Absolute
has become identified with...

you - The temporary per-sona that is the BOX which has a name, life, thoughts, body, memories, etc., and which is also now confusing itself with a further illusion called...

"you" - A c0mpletely fictitious paper entity which is (unlike You or YOU) completely controlled and ruled by corporate laws or statutes (also known as Admiralty Law - at present virtually the only laws being applied).

If you are confused about all of this, let me point out another possible way of seeing it in hierarchial form in the way of Venues. Most of you have probably heard the term, a legal term referring to who has jurisdiction at any given time.

So right now, suppose you are living in Portland, Oregon. You are living within a variety of venues: The City of Portland; The County of Multnomah, The State of Oregon, and The Federal Venue. Each of these has specific laws. (This is why, although medical marijuana is legal in Oregon, the Feds and still Bust your Ass!)

It is very much like the idea of multiple universes. YOU are living in many universes simultaneously - YOU, you, and "you". So how many others are you unaware of?

Werner Erhard pointed out that there are many things that you know, and many things that you don't know. The sad thing is there are things that you don't know that you don't know, and even worse, that you don't care.

Truth is about finding these things out - exploring beyond the 'obvious'; questioning reality, Reality, authority, concepts, beliefs. If you are living a 'normal' everyday kind of existence, then a HUGE percentage of what you think to be true is garbage. Perhaps a fun game, but garbage nonetheless.