Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Is is Perfect

I know it's hard to imagine, sometimes, but all that is, whatever is, is perfect. In honor of my good friend and former student, Jnanacharya, I'd like to point out, as he did, that perfect does NOT mean 'double good'. Perfect means that there is nothing wrong; things are exactly as they are meant to be. Whatever is happening in the Uni-verse is happening just as it is meant to happen.

So, why don't you believe this? Because your 'mind' is telling you differently. The mind says"No, it should be like this or that or the other." But if your mind wasn't speaking, would it not be perfect? It's very much like the question, "If a tree falls in the woods and there's nobody there to hear it, would it make a sound?" So, rephrasing this - "If a situation arose, but no mind to say it is a problem, would there be a problem?" Obviously not.

Does that mean you do nothing? Yes and No. You do nothing. The universe does everything. But for practical purposes, you probably haven't recognized this yet. It feels like you are doing something. All in all it looks something like this.

Universe is happening
You appear to be a separate thing happening within the universe.
A 'problem' arises to you (i.e. a situation that mind says is wrong)
A desire to 'fix' it arises.
Possible ways to fix it arise in the mind.
You appear to choose one and 'do' it.
On to next thing.

Simple right. And yet we complicate it in so many ways - first considering that nothing 'wrong' should arise, that this is horrible, that it shouldn't have happened to you, how will you ever make it 'right', what will others say/think about you, and on and on and on.

From a different perspective

There is a universe.
It manifests as billions of things/pieces/entities/galaxies, etc.
Stuff happens - all of it being the universe in its manifesting,
It goes through processes of change/balance evolve/balance expand/balance but never not being Perfect
The pieces of the universe that are called 'mind' analyze and evaluate those things that are happening, often calling them 'good' or 'bad'.
It all continues effortlessly with or without the mind,

EXCEPT that when there is resistance to what is...
There is apparent SUFFERING.

Even the suffering and the resistance is Perfect. Two things rubbing together create friction (resistance). It's not good or bad, simply friction. We only exacerbate it by contemplating what it means, the ramifications of it, and so forth. It's just happening. It will happen for some time and then change. It always does. Trying to hold on to the way it is or was is a form of resistance. Not bad, just impractical. Flow, be free of wanting anything to be a particular way. Be free of being right or wrong. Be free of future desire or past regrets. Recognize the Infinite Perfection that is happening in every moment and just BE FREE! Then there's not even a 'you' to be free...there's just PERFECTION HAPPENING.