Sunday, April 01, 2007

Instant Spiritual Blessings

Today is a very special day. There was once said to be a truly great and
deeply enlightened sage in Tibet by the name of Sri Lirpa Loof. All matter
of miracles were attributed to him and it was said that by meditating on
his name one could remove great heaps of accumulated karma.

However, if one truly wanted to achieve the ultimate goal of Absolute
Enlightenment, they should spread the holy blessings of Lirpa Loof by
loudly proclaiming to each person they meet today, "You and I and the great
Lirpa Loof are all One! You are the great Lirpa Loof! And I, above all, am
the great Lirpa Loof!" If one does this devotedly today, they are certain
to receive the blessing of the greatest spiritual lesson.

With the love and blessings of Sri Lirpa Loof.