Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fire the Grid (Remix)

First, let me tell you about the miracle...

I woke up.

And I received a revelation...

Everyone can wake up.

And what's more...

All the 'problems' in the world are due to being asleep, i.e. not knowing
who they are, truly as simply the dream of the Absolute.

However, the great revelation continued (it was a voice...I heard it in my
head as plainly as I hear you groaning right now). It said to me, "Aja, get
everyone to come together and we can create another miracle. Get everyone
to come together at a particular time and recognize who they are and the
entire world can wake up from the dream."

"WHEN?" I asked.

"Why, Right Now in This Moment!"

"Which moment?" I pleaded.

"This moment. What other moment is there, bozo?"

"But," I remonstrated, "aren't some moments more spiritual than others?"

"Yes, of course. This moment, Right Now, is (according to our incredible
celestial and cool calculations, and testified to by all the ancients and
the brotherhoods of light) approximately one gazillion and a half times
more spiritual and enlightening than any other moment there is. "

"And what should I tell them to do in this moment?"

"Tell them, and this is really important...really, really important... To
be who they are; to be happy; to be grateful; to let go of all their
worries; to dance; to sing; to laugh; to make love (especially with old,
fat spiritual teacher types); AND to know, really know, that all of this is
but a passing dream, and is just a sweet and wonderful cosmic joke. They
should recognize this NOW, in this moment, and every 'other' apparent
moment (which of course, is only this moment), and never stop. And should
they stop, then all hell will break loose, and they will be responsible for
the collapse of all civilizations and the fall of the angels from heaven.
(Nah! We're just kidding on that one.)

So, that's it. Cool revelation, huh?

And with only love in the heart of Being, and no offense truly meant to
anyone, I wish you a truly glorious, enlightened Moment, in the depths of
this amazing and infinite Right Now.