Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day ?!?

First, a major caveat: This is not about awakening in the traditional sense. In other words, it is not about exploring consciousness, recognizing who you are, in the Radical Enlightenment way. However, what we are about is Truth. More than anything, our life has been dedicated to the pursuit of what is Truth, what is real, and sometimes this incorporates what is part of the apparent dream.

Everything is part of the great Lila, the divine dance. To hide from any aspect is to hide from Truth. So, sometimes it is necessary to ask oneself - are you truly seeking Truth, in EVERY aspect, or are you seeking mollification and escapism? It's all an illusion, right! So whatever happens in the dream is only a dream. If you are sure of this, then truly let it all go and totally retreat into the pure essence of consciousness without stopping. However, if you are only seeking happiness (i.e. pleasure and pleasantries in the name of spirituality) then you are NOT seeking Truth. Truth comes in many forms, and we must be willing to look at all of them. What are we holding onto? What is happening in and around us? Never take anything at face value. Always go deeper.

And with that intro, I would suggest that one form of Truth, or at least something that at least deserves looking into is the following video:

I will forewarn you that if you do not want to learn about government conspiracies, religious conspiracies, media conspiracies, DO NOT watch this movie. However, I will recommend that only to those who are totally dedicated to living in a totally REAL spiritual lifestyle, with nothing to do with the phenomenal dreamworld. If you are not living in such a lifestyle, then be willing to break your own boundaries and at least look at the possibilities (powerfully documented) that there is a vast conspiracy going on behind your backs, and in front of your faces.

I know that many of you hate when I go into this mode. But the bottom line is tough shit! I'm just trying to help. Do you want to let go of all that you hold onto or not? You can't let go of what you do not know. You cannot transcend what you do not see.
So, in the spirit of true Independence....
Infinite love & Shanti,